The Province of Darkness

Session 1: Welcome to New Haven

   The party of four have now embarked upon the New Lands, Captain Barbosa returning to Angliae to gather supplies for the party to journey back home. With approximately a month to learn the fate of the Anglician settlers, the party travels down a short trail that has now been overgrown and once led to the shore. Soon arriving at the Dark ramparts of a walled town, The party approaches cautiosly, Cylus taking lead to speak to the dark Dwarf guards standing vigilant atop the towers. Attempting to communicate with them and getting no valuble response, Cylus casts Dancing lights as beautiful dimly lit lanterns float into the sky in an attempt to communicate peace. This was very unsettling to the Dwarven sentinels, and they sent for the Witch hunters of the town. Duncan managed to communicate with the Dwarves  at the gate and learned that magic isn't tolerated in th Town of New Haven. Cloaked figures began to approach the party, carrying a basic insignia of a White circle with a black mark in the center, these Witch Hunters were to imprison Cylus whilst the party ventured through town. However, one Witch Hunter proved to be unlike the rest and freed Cylus from the grasp of the Witch Hunters. Resting for a night in the local tavern, a Shrill Shriek emerges from just outside the tavern doors. The party ventures out to investigate, and finds the Witch Hunters preparing to burn a young woman at the stake, presumably accused of Witchcraft. Vikorax was first to take action, and assaulted the Witch Hunters in defense of the woman. a brawl insued and the party came out victorious, saving the young girl, whose name was revealed to be one Lydia Runehart. In trade for the safety of her life, Lydia has offered the safety of her fathers estate to the party.



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